The Prime Minister signalled that non Covid NHS services would continue to run during lockdown. Health services, including those in the charity and private sectors, continued in higher level areas of England when restrictions were applied.

Second lockdown and restrictions in England and the devolved countries Following the statement by the Prime minister on Saturday evening announcing a second national lockdown in England to begin on Thursday 5th November.

Physio First executive were pleased to hear that the healthcare provision is to continue and people are actively encouraged to seek help.

Due to the possible pandemic of the coronavirus, I am taking extra care with hygiene and will cancel your appointment if I have any signs of fever, cough or other flu like symptoms.

As I am a manual therapist I can’t stay 1 or 2 metres away from you unless you choose to have an individual mindfulness session or relaxation session with me. This can be effective for pain relief and anxiety.

Please could you cancel your appointment (with as much notice as you can) if you have travelled from infectious areas or been close to someone who has flu like symptoms.

I will use PPE whilst treating you and have alcohol gel for hand washing before and after treatment for us both. I am leaving a day in between patients at the moment to aerate the room, launder the towels/masks etc and clean the room.

For the safety of my patients I will check myself for covid with the lateral flow test when needed.

Please could you be sure to use your toilet at home before coming. If urgent you may, of course, use the one in the house and all will be cleaned after. Please bring your own water.

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Live a life more in harmony with your body

My private practice was established 17 years ago and is conveniently located 3 miles from central Oxford with free parking available. The clinic is situated in the small forest garden behind our house. As well as working from my clinic, I am able to offer home and workplace visits in the OX4 region and occasionally elsewhere by negotiation.

I am an experienced physiotherapist and unique in that I have integrated the healing arts into mainstream, evidence-based physiotherapy. I feel this is a more balanced approach, recognising the value of intuition as well as knowledge.

I treat a wide range of physical complaints including those that have an emotional or spiritual cause. I also have a mindfulness-based approach to my work which is particularly helpful for treating chronic pain and chronic ill health. When we are fully present in the body we can experience our fundamental wholeness, our sense of wonder and aliveness. Our suffering can begin to melt in the glow of a kind and accepting awareness.

My intention is to use my skills to relieve pain, suffering and dysfunction and to explore the experience of the inner body as well as the outer body. I aim to keep sessions affordable, to provide an excellent service and make my clinic as environmentally friendly as possible.

"I cherish my body not just so I can work harder, but also because my body, just as it is, is the most profound voice of wisdom I can access and the very shape of my ‘being’ in the world."Rumi