As a woman practitioner learning to value the mystery and power of the feminine (or Yin) to balance the logic and power of the masculine (or Yang), I find myself more like a spinner and weaver, responding to each persons needs as they are revealed. This means I may use physiotherapy as understood by the client or may use some other threads of my expertise, such as craniosacral therapy, mindfulness, viscero- fascial manipulations, somato-emotional release, massage or energy medicine.

Music, vibration and harmony are also important threads to me. As one friend wrote about my recent CD launch “Keep on singing the world back to health”. I hope my music will help with healing too.

“In order to live in the world one can become a musician of life. Every person therein is a note, and the one who feels this way has an instrument before him/her. The whole world is an instrument upon which a symphony is to be played” Hazrat Inayat Khan