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With thanks to Paula Jacobs who guided the retreats out of which these songs were born; to my parents who gave me such a rich introduction to life and to my close friends and family for bearing with me in what seemed like a mad endeavour.

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Soldiers wife’s lament; A fascination with women who Wait.

Tears; A chant turned into a prayer for Iraq

Noor un Nisa; A Sufi woman, musician (she played veena and harp) and writer whose story touched me. She was the daughter of an Indian mystic who brought Sufiism to the West. Noor died in Dachau at the end of WW2 having been in the French Resistance. Noor means original light, light unmanifest – the source of light.

Fragile boat; inspired by the poet Rumi, alluding to the mystical knowledge that if we let go of all we cling to, we fall into the arms of love.

I just gotta sing; celebrates the gospel tradition and the joy of singing

Persephones song; Embarking on the inner journey on Retreat has parallels with Persephones journey into the underworld.

Ngwelezana Angel: Dedicated to the little girl with the beautiful smile whose mother was dying of AIDS. I saw her in Ngwelezana Hospital, Kwa Zulu Natal, where my mother worked as a doctor.

Ishk Allah; This Sufi prayer translates as “longing for Allah”; “love, lover and beloved.”

My God is; How I experienced what I call god in a particular moment on retreat.

Discomfort warning: if the words “god”, “Allah” or “lord” stick in your throat please replace with love, life force, dao, or whatever awakens love in you.