Wayfarer in Three Movements (Wayfarer Track 1)


Wayfarer-in-Three-MovementsI MP3

Wayfarer in 3 movements: Inspired by a poem by Hafiz, a 14th century Sufi mystic and poet, whose

words resonated with my feelings of how precious my dad was in life.

Dedicated to Tess Harris the cellist (and childhood neighbour and friend in Uganda).

Wayfarer (words by Hafiz translated by Coleman Barks)

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Anahita are: Liz Mantle, Katie Cochrane, Julia Hollander, Shelley Innez,
Sarah Verney, Virginia Allport, Jake Daichi Gill,
Danny and Chris Emlyn-Jones, Pete Wallis.
All sang in Wayfarer and Sacred Bread
Piano in Wayfarer, Freya Wallis and Cello, Tess Harris.
Conductor: Marguerite Wallis

All tracks were recorded and mastered by Oli Whitworth in his studio
except Wayfarer and Sacred Bread which were recorded at the Ark-T Centre in
Cowley, Oxford. Many thanks to the Ark-T Centre for the use of their piano and church.
CD cover photo was taken in Iona and turned into a CD cover by Pete Wallis
assisted by Ross Wallis

Heartfelt gratitude to all the singers and musicians who helped with this project
including; Sweet Edge who have sung these pieces in many concerts, my family for
their love and Fiona Dobie (my singing teacher) whose smile gives me confidence.
A deep bow to my Sufi Retreat Guide, Noor Jacobs who inspires and encourages my
creativity. Warm thanks to Oli Whitworth for his sensitivity, musicality and friendship.

Dedicated to the memory of my father Ronald Watts: a Quaker, agriculturalist and journalist who was ‘smitten by Africa’.